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Monday, 23 February 2015

The long haul of the novel

And there was I thinking it was all downhill from Christmas!

Let me explain. Before Christmas, i was on Draft 3 of my current Work-in-progress. Against all odds, it seemed, I bundled it onto the airwaves on the 19th and wished my Beta Readers a Happy Christmas. Then, while I was dining out on my sense of achievement, they toiled away reading and note-taking until the New Year. They were positive in their approach and generous with their praise but I now have to consider six sets of suggestions and work my way through Draft 4. Someone said, a novel isn't finished till you have re-written 8 times. Only four more to go, then.  

But the good news is there is less to do each time. And, if you are not totally discouraged by your Beta readers, the experience of placing your work of art before an independent audience gives you confidence. You also gain confidence from defending your idea and concept against the challenge. 

So, if you believe in what you are doing, persist.