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Monday, 19 September 2016

Networking for authors? You can do this!

Networking for authors? Is this a contradiction in terms? How can an introverted author, who would sooner retire to the world of the imagination, network successfully? 

Well, it is possible and here are some useful tips:

1) Work out who will want to buy your novel and choose networking events where you - and your book - might be welcome. For instance, there's no point in representing your historical romance at a conference for tyre salesmen. But there are lots of other venues - ranging from schools to tv fan clubs - which could be worth your while. Novels - digital or print - are very popular and show no sign of falling out of favour.

2) When people ask you what your book's about, have a three-sentence summary ready. One sentence could be punchy but the sub-clauses needed to explain the plot twists may get in the way! Remember this is going to be an interesting conversation, not a lecture, and make your summary conversational. For instance, ''The Wolf of Dalriada''s set in remote Scotland in 1793 - the year of Marie Antoinette's execution. A young laird - the 'Wolf' - has to save his people while rescuing a beautiful French seamstress from evil forces. The question is: can he?'

3) Be ready with details of where to buy and when. For example, 'My novel, The Wolf of Dalriada, is out in November but do you want a £2 pre-publication discount? Go to the Matador Fiction shop list at and type SCOTLAND in the Discount Box!' And have a card ready with these publication details - one which can double as a bookmark.

4) Remember more people want to buy books than counselling!

Simple! Now are you ready to develop your own networking script?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Forget Hokey Cokey! This really is what it's all about

Nothing is quite like holding your finished novel in your hand. You may have thought you would drown in typescript but here it is at last and in manageable form - something you can stuff in your pocket for long journeys by train. Or pull out when your flight is delayed.
This has just happened to me. Today I saw the first print copies of 'The Wolf of Dalriada' and smelled the printer's ink. Sigh! And the book will be launched for real on November 28th 2016.
Now if you'd like to share this adventure with me, go to Troubador Books and put in a pre-publication order. The weblink is Once there, in the discount box, write SCOTLAND and you'll get a £2 pre-publication discount on the cover price. Thank you so much for coming on this journey.