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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Naming the rose?

Names are powerful - so much so that the Yogis say, when you feel you understand who you are, you should choose a name to reflect that knowledge. My name is Elizabeth. This I feel connects me to a long Quaker tradition in my family. But its diminutive, Lizzie, allows me to show my playful, joyous side. It was given me at birth but as my second name. My first was used by teachers and friends and family up until the point at which I realised it wasn't working for me and never had. I still feel a shock if someone uses that one - and some people from my past still do. But my choice is Lizzie or - more formally - Elizabeth.

Similarly, when choosing names for a character, you have to take infinite care. Compare Dickens' use of names with your own. None of his were serendipitous. Gradgrind, Pecksniff, or Agnes, they all conjure images which resonate with the characters he portrays.

And - if you are choosing a nom de plume - make yourself fully aware of the possibilities attached to any name you're considering.