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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Pen or Keyboard - the means of committing creative words to paper

There is nothing like hand-writing your thoughts. Sometimes when I'm journaling, I look at the tip of my pen or pencil and think 'Was all that stuff in you? Or in me?' Of course, I know it was me. I'm not losing my grip here. But the magic that seems to happen when I put pen to paper doesn't seem to happen when I sit at the computer. Just an observation. Not a recommendation to restrict writing to pen and paper.But I do think that pen and paper capture the Artist-Writer and the computer deals with the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder requirements of the Inner Editor. So - as usual - I can see a place for both.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A new start!

I've just started writing a novel again - well, two actually. And this after decades of Writers' Block Blues. Several things have prompted this. Joining writers' groups has brought me out of the woodwork and positive helpful critique from the members has given me confidence. Also, I've finally recognised that I produced my first novel (100,000 words of it) when I should have been revising for my O-level Chemistry and my O-level Physics. That little excursion taught me a lot about writing. And a rather unpleasant fact about life - to wit, ignore science at your peril. My life as a medical journalist - 25 years' worth - would have been far easier if I'd spent time doing the groundwork in the School Laboratories. But hey! The enthusiasms of youth - I wanted to write a novel, couldn't help myself writing a novel, so I did. And, at this point, the exponential parallels in all our lives should be jangling.